Social Media Campaigns

Coming up with innovative and refreshing content to market a new product, launch an event or build awareness can be a challenge. Running long-term social media campaigns that consistently engage takes time and effort. How do you know which hashtags to use, where to post and which posts to boost?

That's where we come in.


campaign strategy

Do you need help coming up with a concept for your campaign, or ascertaining what sort of posts you should use? Do you want to develop a hashtag to coincide with the campaign? If so, MDD can help with their social media campaign strategy services. Get a full breakdown of your campaign; from the feelings you want to evoke, and action you want to inspire, to the timings of specific posts.

Video Campaign Macbook.png

content creation

Once you have the strategy in place that is guiding your campaign, you need to have the content to fill it. From video teasers to blog posts, MDD can develop original content to be shared throughout your campaign, tying in with your chosen concept. 


campaign management

Once you have your concept, strategy and content, why not let MDD do all the hard work and run the campaign for you. You don't have to worry about scheduling posts, reviewing the analytics or tracking trends. We will provide you with a concise breakdown of all the need to know information, and take the effort of posting your content out of your hands.