Digital Brand Guidelines

Creating a strong brand online is easier said than done. With the number of different social channels  and digital platforms out there, it is hard to create a consistent image and tone of voice. 

That is where we come in.


Brand review

MDD can put together a comprehensive picture of what you have out there. From the different imagery used across your social channels, to the fonts and colours used on your website, you can see everything in one place to get an understanding of what currently makes up your brand identity. 


brand cleanup

Building on the brand review, we will discuss with you what elements of your current brand identity are erroneous, or where you may be currently diluting your brand without a consistent look, feel, colour palette and the like. Together we can refine the elements associated with your brand so that you are projecting a strong, coherent image into the digital space. 


brand guidelines

Using the refined assets selected during the cleanup process, MDD can compile a comprehensive new set of brand guidelines. This can include guidance on colour palettes, images, videos, hashtag regulations, typography, logos and much more. Along with helpful 'Dos and Don'ts' and usage examples, your new brand guidelines are a one stop shop for everything related to your brand identity. They can be distributed to employees responsible for updating your digital platforms, to contractors used for new projects or print media, or photographers and videographers tasked with your latest visual campaign. Never again will you have inconsistencies or variations from one digital platform to the next, or forget which specific colour or font should be used for your website text.




Brand Guidelines.png